Property Accounting

With a long and esteemed history in the property market, Holdsworth Group Ltd has acquired top-line expertise in a wide range of back office functions, utilised by a very satisfied wide range of small-to-medium-sized companies and organisations which, for many very good reasons, opt to have these operations carried out off-site.  Take advantage of our back office expertise to allow you to concentrate on more valuable business activities.

The key services you will benefit from are:
• Retention of your company‚Äôs profile, while we continue to enhance your business in the background.
• Accounts payable and accounts receivable
• Billing, collection and accounting for rental properties
• Payment of expenses
• Timely completion of GST returns
• Preparation of end-of-year accounts in readiness for your accountant
• Tailored financial reporting on a cash or accrual basis
• Access to up-to-the minute feasibility software
• Management of your accounts throughout a project as well as post-completion

Our back office service will increase your customer satisfaction, by improving the rapidity of all processes and general accounting issues. We’ll save you the headache of records management and reduce your costs through direct savings in employee recruiting and hiring. Besides reaping tangible benefits from our back office services, you’ll have happier clients. 


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