Body Corporate Services

The Unit Titles Act 1972 requires any Real Estate in New Zealand that shares common property to appoint a Body Corporate Secretary. As there are complex matters associated with the administration of a Body Corporate, there are benefits to the Body Corporate members in appointing a professional body as the service provider.

Holdsworth Group Body Corporate portfolio includes a number of reputable Auckland City buildings, including commercial offices and apartment buildings.  Our services will ensure all Body Corporate Rules under the Unit Titles Act are complied with while protecting and enhancing the investment of our clients.

Body Corporate Services

• Body Corporate Secretary
• Initial preparation of Unit Entitlements
• Apportionment of entitlements to owners
• Set preliminary building expenditure budget
• Set ongoing annual building budget
• Set a building sinking fund for future maintenance
• Pro rata annual apportionment to owners
• Advise owners annually of actual expenditure against the budget
• Arrange competitive full replacement Insurance Cover
• Arrange annual Insurance Valuation
• Arrange fire evacuation scheme
• Appoint all service contractors
• Arrange annual Building Warrant of Fitness
• Invoice and collect all levies from owners
• Payment of all creditors from owners levies
• Administer all compliance issues relating to the property
• Appoint an on-site manager where required by Body Corporate
• Call Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings
• Prepare and distribute minutes of all meetings
• Prepare Section 36 Certificates required for all Unit sales
• Maintain records of all owners
• Take all steps to protect and enhance the clients investment in the property.


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